The Negatives of Not Adjusting Your Status Legally in the United States

The Negatives of Not Adjusting Your Status Legally in the United States

Are you tempted to enter the United States illegally?  Or are you already in the United States and wonder how you will be able to make a life here? Immigrating is not easy, especially when you do not have the right entry documentation.  For those who do not understand, it was a challenge to get to the US, but to become documented, that is another feat in itself. You may wonder, what does it matter? I can figure it out and make it. You may be able to find someone to hire you and pay you cash, but there are other negatives that do not affect present but future.  See the 5 reasons.

1. Unable to open a bank account.  Most bank accounts require some sort of identification and social security information.  In order to apply for those items, you need proper documentation to support your entry into the US.

2. Unable to report taxes to one day purchase a home.  Since you have emigrated to the US, it's obvious that you want to stay for the rest of your life.  Did you consider that maybe one day you may want a family or children?  Where will they live?  Without paying taxes and filing tax returns, you will be unable to purchase a home under normal mortgage process. 

3. Fear of deportation. Many people wonder if they will be caught and sent back to their country of birth.  Without the proper documentation, an immigrant that is undocumented risks deportation.

4. Traveling. Without documentation, you are not free to travel back to your home country or to another country.  Since your arrival was illegal, you did not receive travel Visa from your country or any permissions.  You are bound in the country unless you adjust status to travel or are deported.

5. State & Federal Benefits. You are ineligible to receive any state or federal benefits such as medical or food program as you do not possess documents that allow you to collect those means of assistance.  If you get sick or need food, you are paying out of pocket which is already very limited due to your employment options.  In fact, you cannot afford to be sick.

These are just a few reasons why not adjusting your status can prove to be a challenge for you in every day life. If you would like to take the steps toward Permanent Residency, click on the product and request a consultation. 


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