Collection: Immigration Forms Specialist

It's one thing to move to a new place.  It's another thing to immigrate to another country.  Offering document preparation services for obtaining permanent residence or work permit status in the United States.

Learn the requirements to become a Permanent Resident in the United States.  What forms you need to complete to adjust your status or employment documents.

When purchasing any immigration form completion service, you must create an account. In your account, you will be able to upload sensitive document information to use for completing your petition documents. In your account, you will have the ability to schedule your consultation. Consultation will be virtual video conferencing.

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***Non-lawyers may assist in basic preparation of forms only. This may include reading, translating and completing forms.


We are not a substitute for a lawyer; rather we offer a solution for assistance in completing documents. You tell us what document you need and give us the information needed to complete the document. We help to fill in the need in the middle ground-assisting people who are unable or unwilling to pay steep attorney's fees, but also need some assistance completing legal forms and finding information.

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