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Meet Your Own Human Resource Business Partner!

As a highly experienced Human Resources Business Partner and Payroll Specialist, I offer you comprehensive HR services and payroll processing solutions that will streamline your business operations and maximize your human capital.

Our services include:

HR Strategy and Policy: Develop HR strategies and policies that align with your business objectives, promote employee engagement, and support organizational growth.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition: Identify and attract top talent for your organization by designing effective recruitment strategies, conducting job analyses, creating job descriptions, and utilizing various sourcing channels such as job boards, social media, and professional networks.

Employee Relations: Provide guidance on employee relations issues such as grievances, conflict resolution, and disciplinary actions, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and company policies.

Leaves of Absence: Provide comprehensive leave of absence support; our HR expertise encompasses guidance and management for FMLA, short-term disability, long-term disability, and ADA accommodations.

Generalist HR Duties: Provide assistance with a variety of generalist HR duties, including onboarding, off-boarding, performance management, benefits administration, compliance with employment laws and regulations, and training and development.

Training and Development: Design and deliver training programs for your employees on a variety of topics, including leadership development, communication skills, diversity and inclusion, and compliance training.

Payroll Processing: Manage your payroll processing needs, ensuring timely and accurate processing of employee compensation, taxes, and benefits.

Performance Management: HR expertise includes providing robust performance management support, ensuring employees receive continuous feedback, development opportunities, and performance evaluations to drive organizational success.

With extensive experience in HR and payroll processing, you can receive customized solutions that will help you optimize your HR operations and drive business success.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and how I can assist you!

Comprehensive Human Resources & Payroll Services

Receive support in drafting and finalizing the following documents.  In-depth services requested beyond document production will be invoiced at a billing hourly rate per signed and executed agreement. 

  • Employee Handbook and Policy Administration¬†
  • New Hire/Termination Documentation
  • Performance Improvement Plans¬†
  • Disciplinary Documentation Template¬†
  • Resume Writing & Revision¬†
  • Ad hoc documents¬†

All services require a consultation call. Use scheduling service by clicking the preferred consulting time duration.

Points to Consider:  The strategy call is to discuss your specific needs, review company objectives, and develop a design.  Once a call is scheduled and work agreement signed, work will be performed. An invoice for the work will be generated and sent to you prior to receiving draft.

Limited to one (1) modification /drafts. Additional drafts may result in a additional fees. Cost of document involves researching employment laws to determine there is no conflict or compliance concerns.

Payroll Services Include bi-weekly, weekly, and off-cycle payroll runs. with organization's established payroll servicer.  Organization must provide login credentials, access instructions, and setup permissions for specialist to perform payroll transactions.  Payroll servicer must process employment taxes to include quarterly 941/940, required state SUI/SUTA, and local municipality withholdings, if applicable. Annual agreement is required.

Strategic Consultation:

15 Minutes - FREE

30 Minutes - $50.00

45 Minutes - $60.00

60 Minutes - $75.00



Master Your Interview-Ready Skills!

Are you struggling on how to prepare for an interview?  Would you like a test run with an HR Business Partner and feedback on how to make your interview skills better? 

Do you have an hour dedicated to start your training and assessment? 

If so, don't delay! The job market is extremely competitive and this may be the difference between getting the offer by making a great impression!

How Does This Work? 

  1. Book a strategic interview session to work with a certified Senior HR Professional with 20 years Human Resources experience! 
    1. You will learn tips about characteristics of people and what interviewers look for during the interview experience.
  2. Email the specific job title you will be interviewing for along with your resume to and mention the meeting date and time.
  3. As part of your interview practice session, you will respond to curated sample interview questions that a recruiter or hiring manager may ask.
  4. Once the interview session is complete, you will receive an interview assessment. This assessment is used to provide feedback on the interview as a teaching tool to improve on your interviewing skills.

Take action and schedule your interview today! 

Click the link for your --->>> One (1) Hour Interview





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